Methods to Test iPad Application for iPad Developers

Apart from usual software testing methods, there are some prominent factors to remember when testing your iPad application. If you are an iPad Developer and have developed an innovative application, the first test you can conduct is on a real iPad. Nonetheless, the iPad Simulator (available in the iPad Developer Program Portal) offered by Apple is free, testing on actual device can detect glitches that may be overlooked on the simulator.

If your recently developed application runs efficiently on the iPhone, Apple claims that it will run on an iPad also, but it may not be the case every time. It may happen that the application that has worked fine on iPhone, may go haywire when migrated to iPad. This problem can only be rectified by comprehensive testing, which can detect bugs prior to the release of your application to make it run on both the platforms. There are some testing methods that you can utilize to rectify bugs! These include:

Xcode’s Graphical DebuggerX-code Logo
This debugger is used by iPad developers to recognize the faults in the coding of the application.  It enables you to evaluate your code line to see your program’s state at a specific phase of execution. Thus it helps collect real-time performance data to assist you identify and fix major performance issues.

Testing on iPad Connecting to Wi-Fi
Yet another tip to try out your application is on the real iPad connected with Wi-Fi device. You can easily realize if the application is compatible with Wi-Fi connection or not. It will give you an overall envision how a user can interact with the iPad in the real world.

In addition, Apple Developer Program also offer technical support of in-house engineers along with two technical support as well. You can receive assistance at the code-level, guidance, including technical documentation also, which can help improve the functionalities of your application.

In order to become a member of the iOS Developer Program Portal you need to purchase the membership which will cost you $99 per year. This will allow you test on a real iPad and submit your application to the Apple Store. Your yearly fee includes help in distributing of your application also.

If you have developed your own application, testing for its compatibility on multiple mobile platforms can be conducted using above methods. It will not only provide with a real world experience but will also make your application bug-free.

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